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Baltic Writers’ Council’s General Assembly is held at Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators in Visby, 21-22 April

The Baltic Writers’ Council represents 21 literary organizations, 12 countries and approximately 17.000 members around the Baltic region and beyond.

In connection to the GA the public programme "Open House in Visby" takes place at BCWT.

Literary Event "Open House in Visby"

Saturday 21st April, 2018

At Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators
Uddens gränd 3, Visby

18.00-18.10 Opening words by Lena Pasternak (Sweden), director of the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, and Kazimiera Astratoviene (Lithuania), chair of the Baltic Writers’ Council.

18.15–18.30 Key-note: Halyna Kruk (Ukraine): “Last trends in contemporary Ukrainian literature: art and human experiences of war”.

18.30–19.30 Readings:

18.30–18.45 Veronika Kivisilla (Estonia)
18.45–18.55 Henning Brüllhoff (Sweden)
18.55–19.05 Sirpa Kähkönen (Finland)
19.05–19.15 Egīls Venters (Latvia)
19.15–19.30 Antanas A. Jonynas (Lithuania)

19.30–20.00 Break with refreshments

20.00–20.40 Readings continue:

20.00–20.10 Marius Burokas (Lithuania)
20.10–20.20 Kazimiera Astratovienė (Lithuania)
20.20–20.30 Malin Kivelä (Finland)
20.30–20.40 Halyna Kruk (Ukraine)

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