Baltic Centre for Writers
and Translators

10 Years Jubilee and Poetry Festival
23 ?25 may 2003


Open House at the BCWT,
Uddens gränd 3,Visby

Jubilee festivities start outside the Centre
?on the lawn on Klinten

Inauguration of the 10th International Poetry Festival
in the hall of the Almedalen Library
Tomas Tranströmer,Adam Zagajewski,
Tua Forsström. Music Per-Olov Sahl and Tomas Tranströmer


The Almedalen Library
From 12.00
Building bridges,breaking barriers
10 years in words and images
Exhibition,film and audio playback

First decade
Centre ´s guests in conversation with Johan Öberg

Poetry by and with Tomas Tranströmer,
Adam Zagajewski, Anders Bodegård,
Sigitas Geda,Tua Forsström,
Peter Curman, Marzanna Bogumila Kielar
Composition in five movements
by Ramon Anthin for the Wind Quintet
Blowind: Winds, Pipes and Whistles

Jubilee concert in cooperation with
the Gotland University College


Readings in the Gotland Art Museum
Adam Zagajewski,Sigitas Geda,
Tua Forsström,Maimu Berg,
Marzanna Bogumila Kielar,
Elisabeth Hermodsson

23-25 May 2003

BCWT celebrates its 10th anniversary

History (Background)
The Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators was inaugurated 13 May 1993 in Visby on the island of Gotland. The Centre was established as an immediate result of the writers? cruise around the Baltic sea in 1992. The Centre became a manifestation of joint strong will of writers and translators from the East and West European countries to meet on new conditions. With the generous support from the Swedish state and the Gotland Municipality the Centre has existed for ten intensive creative and productive years. Ap.3000 guests visited the Centre during these years and there are numerous (uncountable) witnesses of the Centre?s significance for literary creation and for personal contacts that in long terms are foundations for improved relations between people and nations in between.

Jubilee celebration and the 10th International Poetry Festival on Gotland
Writers and translators wish to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of their Centre with pomp and splendour. During the Jubilee year we would like to draw attention to the role the Centre has had in cultural development on Gotland and in improvement of the political and cultural climate in the Baltic sea region ? at the same time we want to thank everybody who contributed to this successful development.

Poetic reunion
The first international poetry festival on Gotland, arranged by the BCWT, took place in summer 1994. With the theme declared after the book by Tomas Tranströmer Östersjöar (Baltic Seas) and with the poet himself as a key figure and honourable guest, a company of poets, translators and musicians travellee around the island. This year?s festival ? thought as kind of ?Poetic Reunion? ? will be a high-point in the jubilee programme 23-25 May 2003. Besides Tomas Tranströmer participate Jaan kaplinski, Adam Zagajewski, Tua Forsström.

5th anniversary of the Gotland University College
Saturday the 24th of May the University College celebrates its 5th anniversary. In the new magnificent Almedalen Library both jubilars are preparing a comprehensive programme with lectures, poetry readings, films, exhibitions, and a concert with well-known musicians and poets.

Friday the 23 May ? the BCWT?s anniversary day
Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators starts its celebration already on Friday 23 May at 14.00 on the Klint, up the hill over the Dome Church, in immediate surroundings to the Centre?s buildings. On the same place where in year 1993 Birgit Friggebo, at that time Swedish minister of culture, inaugurated the BCWT.


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