Workshop topics

· Cultural policies concerning children’s culture, culture for children and culture with children. Is children’s perspective considered when cultural political aims and conventions are being defined and applied? History, outlook, visions, specific problems with an international, national and regional perspective.

Moderators: Lotta Lundgren and Kerstin Olander

· Words- in-use/Publishing for children. Children literature as a working field: writing, translating, development, narration, models mediating literature and knowledge, importance of literature for a child’s language development etc

Moderator: Ulla Forsén

· History-in-use/Lifelong Museum Learning. cultural heritage, pedagogical visions, cultural environment, meeting places between children and history, between children and art, etc

Moderators: Ida Braendholt Lundgaard and Gun Westholm

· Image and words. Film, computer game, animation. Interpretation of a text to other media - conflict or unison with the original text? Consumption of a completed and interpreted product, ready-mades, in relationship to creation of own internal images - how does it effect imagination? Consideration to the author's intention – interpretation precedence etc

Moderator: Elisabet Edlund

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