Alena Utachkina
Researcher. Children´s Museum at Polotsk National
Historical Reserve.

Viktoryia Beliazeka
The Honored Company of the Republic of
Belarus the Belarusian Theatre "Lialka".
Literary worker

Uladzimir Siuchykay
Writer and Publisher,
Publishing House "Rodiola Plus"

Kastus Shydlovski
historical museum, Braslava

Annemette Karpen
Project leader, M.A
The Animation House, Copenhagen

Ida Braendholt Lundgaard
Head of Louisiana Educational Department,
Louisiana Museum for Modern Art.

Tiia Toomet
Director of Tartu Toy Museum. Writer

Nina Gran
Specialist Planner the Cultural Office of Helsinki

Timo Parkkonen
Executive Director The Artcentre for
Children and Youth

Pikke Syrjä-Väisänen
Teacher, Board of Education,
Wäinö Aaltonens School

Vivan Lygdbäck
Chairman of the Children Culture Section
Arts Council of Finland

Kirsi Alho
Children´s Art Instructor,
Turku Cultural Centre

Tea Langh
Art Instructor, Turku Cultural Centre

Helge Hellberg
Historian, Project Mangager Baltic Sea Scr. for
Youth Affairs

Silvija Tretjakova
Head of the Children´s literature Centre,
National Library of Latvia
Liaison Off. Latvian Section of IBBY

Liga Busevica
Senior Desk Officer in field of Literature
Ministry of Culture of Latvia

Ingrida Vilkarse
Senior Desk Officer of the Cultural Policy
for Children and Youth
Ministry if Culture Republic of Latvia

Ilze Kupca
Senior Desk Officer, Specialist of Arts
Arts Education Centre of Latvia

Ausra Jolanta Pliaugiene
Adviser to the Minister - Ministry of Culture
of the republic of Lithuania

Liana Ruokyte
Cultural Attaché
Embassy of Lithuania in Stockholm

Aida Dobkeviciute-Dzioveniene
Chief Officer Information Society
Development Division,
Ministry of Culture of the Rep. of Lithuania

Ruta Kackutè
Cultural Adviser, Parliament of
the Republic of Lithuania

Elge Obcarskaite
Bibliographer, Martynas Mazvydas National
Library of Lith, Children's Literature Centre.

Kari Woxholt Sverdrup
Writer, Chairman of Norwegian Writers for
Children (NBU)

Arne Svingen
Writer, Board Member of Norwegian
Writers for Children (NBU)

Magdalena Zakrzewska-Duda
Baltic Projects’ Manager ARS BALTICA
Secretariat at the Baltic Sea Cultural
Centre in Gdańsk

Malgorzata Cichulska
Events Coordinator,
Montownia Artistic Centre

Monika Chojnacka
Managing Director ABCXXI - All Poland Reads to
Kids Foundation

Agnieszka Barbasiewicz
Children Literature Specialist
Ochota Cultural Centre

Mika Larsson
Counsellor Cultural Affaires Embassy of Sweden
Swedish Ministry for Cultural Affairs

Olga Mäeots
Librarian Library for Foreign Literature,
Head of the Children Books Department.
Editor,Litarary Critic, Translator

Irina Bazilevskaya
Librarian, Library for Foreign Literature

Irina Balakhonova Nicolet
Publisher, Samokat Publishers

Lisbeth Pettersson
Producer the Gotland County Theatre

Monica Sparby
Artistic Director the Gotland County Theatre

Ebba Junker
Librarian Gotland County Library

Maude Sundström
Municipality of Gotland

Barbro Gûlich
Project Developer Municipality of Lund,
Kultur Lund

Catharina Hjalmarsson
Cultural Administrator Kultur Lund

Helene Larsson
Project Leader Swedish Travelling
Exhibitions (Riksutställningar)

Barbro Stigsdotter Möller
Head of Cultural School Lund
Municipality of Lund

Suzanne Osten
Dramatist, Writer, Producer Stockholm City Teatre
Professor at University College of Film, Radio,
Television and Theatre (DI)

Ann-Sofie Bárány
Writer, Researcher, Psychoanalyst

Ulla Forsén
Director Cultural Centre of Frölunda,

Ulrika Lindblad
Head of Section Ministry of Culture, Sweden

Marija Milivojevic
International Co-ordinator
The Swedish Arts Council

Christina Svensson
Librarian the County Library, Gotland

Kerstin Gustafsson
Trainee the Swedish Arts Council

Helena Isaksson

Alexandre Tchekhov

Kristina Rennerstedt
Director General the Swedish Arts Council

Gun Westholm
Archaeologist, Historical Museum of Gotland

Kerstin Olander
Co-ordinator Film Stockholm, regional center for film in Stockholm.

Lotta Lundgren
Director The Dream´s House (Drömmarnas Hus)
in Malmö, Sweden

Elisabet Edlund
Head of Inst. For Film and Game Develpoment,
Gotland University

Christer Persson
Ambassador, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Dep. for Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Chairman CBSS´s Committee of Senior
Officials (CSO)

Torsten Schenlaer
Counsellor Cultural Affaires Embassy of Sweden
Swedish Ministry for Cultural Affairs

Valentina Sknar
Dean of Dep. For Theory, History and Practise of
Culture, State Academie for Cultural Administrators

Sofiia Uss
Publisher, Illustrator
Publishing House Abbagalamaga

Anna Bardashevskaya
Director Herson County Library

Tamara Turbanist
Vice General Director, National Library for
Children, Ukraine

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