Information about the Library
The Library of The Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators (BCWT) is a special library with a collection of literature in the languages of the Baltic Sea Region. The Baltic Sea languages are Danish, Estonian, Finnish, German, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Swedish.
The collection of the library contains:
about 3800 non-fiction books: encyclopedias, dictionaries and other non-fiction literature from the Baltic Sea Region

about 2900 fiction and poetry books in both the original language and translations. The collection mainly consists of books donated to the Centre by visiting authors and translators

The library is a reference library serving the guests of the Baltic Centre. Inter-library loans are not allowed.

The Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators has since 1997 been registering the collection in Libris which is the national bibliographic database for the universities, university colleges and special libraries in Sweden. Non-fiction books are classified and located in shelves according to the libraries own classification system.

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