Book about the Centre

The book has been put together with the intention to reflect the dynamic multilateral activity of the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators (BCWT) in Visby on the island of Gotland, as well as to define the sources of its vitality and show how essential it has often proven to be for writers and translators.

You will find here an outline by Peter Curman, who was chairman of the Swedish Writers´ Union when the Centre was founded; he is a visionary, an initiator and a fiery spirit who has continually supported the Centre and been its ambassador, and here he remembers how it all started. Johan Öberg, journalist, editor, scholar and Sweden´s former cultural attaché in Moscow, analyses and evaluates the first decennium of the Centre´s activity. Writers Hanne Ørstavik (Norway), Eva Runefelt (Sweden) and Kjell Westö (Finland) reflect on the very essence of the Centre ? being a home for literary creation, a writers´ and translatiors´ workshop, a retreat and a place for significant encounters and learning.

Visby, July 2005
Lena Pasternak

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