is an international residential centre for writers and literary translators, located in Visby on Gotland, Sweden. BCWT is a working and meeting place for literary professionals. The Centre has eleven studios/rooms and is open all year round. The Centre welcomes applicants from all countries - but priority of residence is given to literary professionals from the countries of the Baltic Sea region and Scandinavia, i.e. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden.
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Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators and Film on Gotland announced three grants for screenwriters working with adaptation, that is transferring a literary text (novel, story etc.) into a screenplay (filmscript). The application was also open for literary professionals who work in the other direction – transferring a screenplay into a literary text (novel, story, theatre play, etc). The grants are part of GotlandFilmLab programme

The grant is designed for professional screenwriters/writers who are having adaption-in-progress or preparing to work on adaptation.

The programme allows a grant-holder during two weeks in residency at BCWT to work on their own adaptation/literary project and to have the opportunity to exchange and share experience, to discuss artistic challenges and practical issues with the two other grant holders.

We are glad to announce the recepients of the Adaptation-in-Residence grant: Lauris Gundars (Latvia), Heike Fink (Germany), Lev Naumov (Russia) will be working with their adaptation projects at BCWT in October 2020.

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Annual Report 2019

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