is an international residential centre for writers and literary translators, located in Visby on Gotland, Sweden. BCWT is a working and meeting place for literary professionals. The Centre has eleven studios/rooms and is open all year round. The Centre welcomes applicants from all countries - but priority of residence is given to literary professionals from the countries of the Baltic Sea region and Scandinavia, i.e. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden.
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We are happy to announce the two recipients of the scholarship within ”Translation-in-Motion” programme, Jelena Vojinovic and Nikola Perišić.

The bursary consists of a month-long residency at the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators plus a grant.

Jelena Vojinovic from Montenegro is an aspiring literary translator from Scandinavian languages into Serbian.
During her residency stay at the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, Jelena will be working on the finishing touches of the translation of Olaug Nilssen's Yt etter evne, få etter behov (2020) into Serbian, as well as starting a new translation project of Fredrik Brattberg's dramas.

Nikola Perišić is a literary translator from Swedish, Danish and English into Serbian, based in Belgrade and its surroundings, working as a freelancer. In the last two decades he has translated around 50 books published in Serbia, some of them with support from the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Art Council.

During his residency stay at the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators in Visby, Sweden, Nikola will be working on the translation of some lesser-known works by August Strindberg into Serbian.

Vår första Translation in Motion-stipendiat Slavica Milosavljevic har nu vistats sin månad på Östersjöns författar- och översättarcentrum.
Slavica Milosavljevic översätter i huvudsak från svenska till serbiska men har även översatt kroatiska, bosniska och serbiska verk till svenska.
Hon har sedan starten år 2000 översatt över 70 litterära verk.

Under sin stipendievistelse på Östersjöns författar- och översättarcentrum har Slavica arbetat med att översätta Tove Janssons Den ärliga bedragaren från svenska till serbiska.

Östersjöns författar- och översättarcentrum i Visby deltar tillsammans med litterära översättarcentra från Albanien, Bulgarien, Frankrike, Lettland, Montenegro och Nordmakedonien i ett europeiskt samarbetsprojekt som beviljades ett stöd från Kreativa Europa under 2020. Syftet är att stödja översättare, främja ett flöde av högkvalitativa översättningar och stärka det litterära samarbetet mellan deltagarländerna.

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Residency grants for literary translators working from the Nordic languages into the Western Balkan languages

Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators (BCWT), in partnership with the RECIT network and the Translation in Motion consortium, announce three residency grants for literary translators working from any Nordic language (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Islandic, Finnish, Sámi languages, Faroese) into the languages of the countries of the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia).

The programme allows a grant-holder during a month residency at BCWT to focus on their translation project. It gives the translator many opportunities for professional exchange and learning, possibilities to discuss artistic challenges and practical issues with their colleagues and share their experience with the public.

General Assembly of the Baltic Writers' Council

Representatives of the writers and translators organizations in the Baltic sea and Nordic countries assembled in Visby on 6 - 7 May
The BCWT hosted an annual general assembly of Baltic Writers' Council for the first time since 2019 after a covid virus-enforced hiatus.

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Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators and Film on Gotland announced three grants for screenwriters working with adaptation, that is transferring a literary text (novel, story etc.) into a screenplay (filmscript). The application was also open for literary professionals who work in the other direction – transferring a screenplay into a literary text (novel, story, theatre play, etc). The grants are part of GotlandFilmLab programme

The grant is designed for professional screenwriters/writers who are having adaption-in-progress or preparing to work on adaptation.

The programme allows a grant-holder during two weeks in residency at BCWT to work on their own adaptation/literary project and to have the opportunity to exchange and share experience, to discuss artistic challenges and practical issues with the two other grant holders.

We are glad to announce the recepients of the Adaptation-in-Residence grant:
Lauris Gundars (Latvia), Heike Fink (Germany), Lev Naumov (Russia) will be working with their adaptation projects at BCWT.

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Annual Report 2020

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